We culled a number of cows the other day and hauled them to the Bred Cow Sale in Burlington, Colorado. There were a few momma cows in that batch that I didn’t mind bidding adieu. I hummed and skipped when we loaded the cows we call the Fence Crawlers.

The Fence Crawlers can tiptoe through a tight, five strand barbed wire fence without a scratch and they stand in fields (fully aware they’re not supposed to be there) and glare at me in a cow-ish, snobby way. There’s nothing worse than a self-righteous Maine Anjou cross with an attitude. It’s very similar to a middle school girl eyeroll and huff.

As if this were not bad enough, they pass their craft to younger members of the herd. I admire their mentorship program but it results in a lot of early morning phone calls. Jason says people should call him when the cows are in…that would be news.

I took the opportunity when we sorted the Fence Crawlers off the herd last Sunday to talk to the other cows without the peer pressure of the clique-y cows present. I told them that we believe in rotational grazing but crawling through a different fence every day into a new field does not constitute forage conservation!

I think they were receptive and left the corrals ready to turn over a new cow patty. As for the Fence Crawlers, I’m sure they’ll find a new home on another ranch somewhere. I hope they have good fences.