When the FarmWife Project began taking shape, I had a number of hopes for it. First, I hoped a few Colorado ag women would be interested enough to follow through on writing a few blogs. Second, I hoped a sisterhood would develop and finally, I hoped we could meet face to face (and eat chocolate) and develop contacts around the state.

As it turns out, the FarmWife Project (FWP) has been a blessing to me personally and I look forward to helping it grow.

One FarmWife, Veronica Lasater, gave up her life in the city and moved to a remote, southern Colorado sheep ranch in Bayfield when her father in law fell ill.

Another, Betty Shahan, is celebrating her 74th birthday today. After her husband’s passing, she finished purchasing the family ranch and continues to run it today, 27 years later. 

Kaari Milligin is married to the largest livestock owner in the state. She helps him raise bees in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Each and every FarmWife you will meet has a story to tell. Until we meet in January, I would invite you to begin writing. Below I have included some tips on telling your story as well as guidelines for the piece itself.

My Best Advice About Telling Your Story

Sincerity is key. This is just like meeting someone new. If you are sincere in your participation in a conversation with them, they will appreciate it just as you would.

Cultivate sisterhood. We are members of Colorado’s largest sorority…farm and ranch women. We all know how cold 3 a.m. in February is. We all know the worry lines in our partner’s faces watching the farm report or the weather. We share this set of experiences together and no one can relate to us better than one of our own.

Emotion and logic have to be partners as we talk about agriculture whether it is to someone directly related to production agriculture or not.

Share what you would tell your sister or your best friend.

If you agree to begin the conversation, agree to continue the conversation. It’s pretty darn amazing that people spend their valuable time reading what I have to say and I try to be conscious of their effort and be consistent and intentional in my communication to them.

Basic Housekeeping for The FWP

Blogs should be about 500 words. Don’t obsess but they’re designed to be quick reading.

Blogs should include a photo or a link to another site that is related when possible.

Be conversational and sincere…you’ll be fine. When your blog is complete, shoot it to me in an email. I’ll edit it (not so much for content but mechanics) and I’ll publish it on my site. If you would like feedback, additional editing, or a pep talk just say the word and I’ll do what I can.

Please share the site with your contacts and help promote the FWP so we’re networking and telling our stories.

If you are interested in becoming one of the FarmWives, drop me a line at rachel@lincolncountyfb.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.