In determining whether or not one can get away with wearing red lipstick, one might consider consulting one’s hog-farming spouse. When no useful information is garnered from that conversation, one might consider taking a photo to use as an aid in determining its acceptability.

As I studied this photo and found myself distracted from the task at hand by the fine lines and wrinkles, I realized a few things:

1. I look better in my 30s than I did 10 years ago. Even my compadres may not have recognized me but it has little to do with the lipstick.

2. Given the road I took (it was the long way around), I’m mighty pleased with where I am today.

3. I’m getting smarter and more educated every day. Thank goodness.

4. My friend Tracey sells Mary Kay wrinkle lotion potion. Money well spent.

As for the lipstick? The jury’s still out.