It’s a dead giveaway when there is a bath towel in the kitchen. Well, the real clue is the piglet in the sink, but the towel is a good indication that it’s farrowing season around here.

The reason that there is occasionally a piglet in my sink is simple. It’s cold here during farrowing season. Really cold. We farrow our females in little huts that are better insulated than our home and in a barn that, when filled as the OB wing, is downright cozy. We also monitor the inside temperature and utilize heat lamps to keep the little buggers warm. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, piglets get chilled and we have to bring them inside.

When I’m at my most athletic, I can stick a piglet in my hoodie and make tracks to the house in record time. Once there, I warm the piglet in the sink and then wrap it in a warm towel. I can kick back and watch Dirty Jobs for a while, holding the warming, snuggly piglet. Once the piglet is vocal and squirming, it’s back to the sow. It doesn’t take long and I think they like Mike Rowe.

I went to town today and left Jason to monitor his girls. He was feeding cows when I returned home but I knew what was happening earlier in the day by the towel in the kitchen. I checked on the litters to make sure they were warm and happy. Then I returned to the house to start a load of laundry because, even though we have an awe-inspiring number of crummy towels…Jason keeps using my good towels for the pigs. Sigh.