My girlfriends were flabergasted when they learned that I was going to marry the cowboy that I had met six weeks earlier.  They could not understand why I would move out to a rural setting wrangling cows, riding horses and bucking hay.

           I know now that going in to this marriage, I had a romantic idea of ranch life.  One week not long after we were married, the boss told us that we would be moving the cattle on a cattle drive that would take seven days.  I decided to help on the last two days and let me tell you that it is not as romantic as John Wayne makes it look!  The days are long and dirty. At the end of my first day, my entire body hurt, especially my backside.

          There was romance to be had, though. As the sun set on day one, my cowboy unsaddled my horse, gave me a hug and ran me a hot bath with epsom salt and said, “It won’t be that hard tomorrow, hon”. 

         And so began this wonderful ride we are on.

My name is Connie Hass; I am a ranch wife, rancher and a junior high/senior high math teacher.  My husband, Tony, and I own a cattle ranch 40
miles northeast of Trinidad Colorado. 

We have two children:  Breann, 23, and Matt, 20. Tony has been a cowboy all of his life and I was raised in the city.  I would not trade this rural agricultural life for anything.  I have learned much in our 26 years together and know that we have
the best and most important job in the world, feeding others.