I have had my grandson and a friend of his here building a calving shed since Saturday morning, so therefore I have had to cook and wash dishes which is o.k. I do enjoy having the boys here. But I am not a good cook, I’ve always felt like it took too much time and I always get side tracked and something gets burned then I am embarassed. As a girl my mom would not let  me and my sister cook because she was afraid we would waste the groceries. Nor would she let us use her sewing machine because we would waste the material that she had purchased to make our clothes with. A  lot of our clothes came from chicken feed sacks that she had hand picked to make our clothes—usually dresses.  So going to school in Pagosa, I took all the Home Economics classes I could work in and I did learn to sew and I did make myself and my girls clothes from that education.  I was even a 4-H sewing leader and my girls did well.
         A neighbor came to welcome me today and I was so pleased!  She is a sheep lady and has some kind of a self built business with her sheep. Also, she is a single woman living and working on her ranch.  I was brought up to date on a huge water problem in the San Luis Valley that had, just a week ago, been mentioned to me by a classmate whom had also bought property here. My classmate leased the farm and was told by her leasee about the water problem and also informed by him that he may not be able to get enough out of the hay to keep on leasing.  This year of 2011 we will be o.k. but in 2012 they are taking the water away from some of us, as well as raising our users’ fee so high that we will not be able to irrigate. Now I am in a tail spin! What the heck have I done gone and gotten myself into now?  When my neighbor left she said. “get it together and get in to that water office on Tuesday!”

Bio, Betty Shanhan:

         I am 74.  My husband and I were married June 1956.  We worked for his parents on the family ranch  from then until Jan. 1976 when we started buying the ranch from the family.  My husband, Bob Shahan passed away in January 1983.  From then I finished paying for the ranch. In 2001 I put a Conservation Easement on the ranch.  I took the money and purchased a ranch in New Mexico. In 2008, I  decided to sell the ranch in N.M. and get closer to home.  I took the money from that sale and did a 1031 for a ranch between Center, Colo. and Saguche, Colo. on Hwy. 285.  The cows, dogs,horses, and I are on that ranch for the winter. 

         In the spring we will move back to Chromo, Co. to our home ranch for the summer.  The cows will go to the Forest Permit in June of 2011.  I have a grandson that helps me when I need help, such as branding, preg. testing, gathering, shipping etc.
         I belong to the Archuleta County Farm Bureau,( just newly formed ).  I also belong to the Colorado Cattleman’s, (they hold the Easement on the home ranch in Chromo),  a member of  the Archuleta/La Plata Cattleman’s Association. I was a 4-H leader for 50? years, am a Fair Board member in Archuleta County, and am on the Farm Service Board for Archuleta/La Plata, County.