I was in the vehicle with my son the other day and he said he wanted to be a teacher or a veterinarian when he grows up. I started talking to him about what each of those jobs involve and the earning potential. He’s 9. I talked earning potential. I know.

My sister and I refer to our dad as RAS, his initials and the signature he used when he signed birthday cards to us. RAS is a businessman, he is solid, he learned to speak without the accent of his native Louisiana to increase his credibility, he is very successful and he is a serious guy. I was having a RAS moment.

He went on to say that he wanted to give money to other people so it didn’t matter if he made lots of money. I replied that if he made a good living, he could take care of himself and be generous to others as well. I then launched into a lecture about returning to rural communities prepared to create a job for oneself and others and…..then…I stopped…..he’s 9.

So I said he would be a great teacher or veterinarian. He smiled and went on to sing along with the radio.