Once apon a time in a land far away there was a small rock home that sits at the bottom of a mesa, ok, so I’m not good at poetry at all but this does kind of describe my new home where I will be starting my new life. Just a short 45 miles of dirt road to the closest grocery store OR “grub and booze town” as my future hubby calls it!

          Clayton, New Mexico is a small town that offers just what we need to live in our little home.  This little rock home is very ordinary and might I say a pretty nifty little place! The rock that makes up the exterior and the walls in the living room came straight off the TO Ranch itself! The wood on the walls that makes the bedrooms, bathroom cabinets and shelves in the house as I understand are also off the ranch.

          Now, let me fill you in on a little bit of the outside quarters; built in 1993 a set of rock pens accompanies the house. Chute, hay rack, cattle pens and a loading dock are also a part of our little place in heaven. This to me, is a peaceful place where cattle and horses can roam free, and dogs can play and roam.

          Someday… this little home will be a vital part of raising a family! Oh, and I didn’t mention in that one bath… I mean it’s a big bath! Talk about Jacuzzi tub and a walk in shower, can you say hellllooo relaxation?!

About Jessica:     Hello ya’ll my name is Jessica Waite, and I was raised as a rancher’s daughter. Soon I will be changing my name, marrying my best friend Abraham, where I carry the title of a rancher’s wife!

          Raised on the Eastern Plains of Colorado on the Withers Ranch, my hard working mother taught me the essentials of becoming a young woman. Outside, though, my father taught me the essentials about cattle, what to look for, what to feed, and how to take care of them! He may not think so, but I did listen to most of everything he said about livestock care and learned a lot from him!

          In just a short seven months I will be marrying the love of my life! Abe works on the TO Ranch close to Clayton, New Mexico where he cares for cattle in the Mesas of New Mexico. He is also rides colts, and is a mean bronc stomper! I attend college currently at Colby Community College in Colby, Kansas, where I am studying Physical Therapy… I wanted to be able to take care of the ones I love when that nasty thing called age sets in! I am delighted to share my story and am excited to share about the life I live and love!