Just a few weeks ago, Abe was complaining about his bedroom being “colder than a well diggers a**,” and that he couldn’t sleep. So me being the great fiancé I try to be, I took the time to hang curtains up in our bedroom. I used very heavy curtains and doubled them up, the next morning it was SO warm and he was very tickled with it. But, of course there was something else… we had overslept an hour and a half because of the darkness from the new curtains!

Last weekend when I stayed I definitely had some of that same sleeping in time, Abe had gotten out of bed without me knowing and I woke up to something very “sweet” in my mind! A kiss on the forehead, cup of coffee, and, “babe, wake up there is a way cool sunrise!” I sat up and thought to myself, “what does he want or what does he need that he is being so sweet?!” Because let me fill you in, Mr. Abraham is stern generally and rarely does anything sweet and snuggly, so he had me stumped as to what he was up to.

I was curious, I got up walked into the living room where the curtains were open, (and yes he was right, there was a beautiful sunrise) he had the fire roaring and the doggies were asleep on the floor. Well, my honey was no-where to be found so I thought to myself he was outside checking the heifers or something. I went into the kitchen and started making myself a bagel, I heard the door open and close and I hollered at Abe and told him I was in the kitchen. Next thing I know I was holding my breath and I felt a cold sensation run down my back giving me goose bumps!

“Good Morning, baby!!” he says…. Snow, yes a handful of snow, was just put down my shirt. Right then and there I knew the sweetness was way too good to be true and let’s just say, the war is on!!