I’m sure ya’ll have seen a two-year old throw a fit, now picture a 20 year old woman doing that. Make you giggle? Well this story I hope will make you smile because it has made everyone else I have told laugh bug, I didn’t think it was too funny at the time. The end of the weekend had rolled around and that only meant one thing, I had to head back to Colby for school.

All morning we drove around looking and feeding cattle like Abe and I usually do on any given morning. Noon had rolled around I was dreading leaving but I knew I had to go. Here is a little secret about me; I am a cry baby, like big time! Anyways, as I was packing my bags the dam broke loose and the river began to flow. I walked out in the living room, kissed and hugged Abraham and thought to myself “this will be the last time I see my baby for almost a month!” Drama queen, I know!! Little did I know I would be seeing him pretty quick.

Well, I left the ranch and the drive out of the place was going great until I lost control of my little green rocket, got sucked off the road and BBAAMM, hello snow drift!! Once I hit the snow drift I was stuck for sure, I hit the reverse, then the drive and stepped on the gas thinking I was going to get out, instead I just buried myself deeper and deeper. Well ya’ll, the water works were already in action and this incident just made them worse! I tried opening my door and the snow was so deep I ended up hurting myself kicking the door open. I got out, threw my hands in the air and yelled at God, “why are you doing this to me?!” Ugh, I was a mad mamma!

Walking it was for me, four miles; the wind was blowing and about two inches of snow and just all around crummy weather.  Now when Abe started this job his bosses wife, Margie, told me that if I wanted to go on a walk I needed to pack a gun because the amount of mountain lions and coyotes. Of course, that was the first thought that ran through my mind. After all the negative thoughts I just decided to think positively, so I began to run… I DO NOT know what I was thinking because I am not in good enough shape to do that but I was pretty sure I was going to get it done! Well, that didn’t happen. My next thought was to call Abe and I would get out of having to walk all this way. That wasn’t an option either as our house phone hadn’t been working that weekend so back to “hoofing” it sounded like my only option again.

Hoofin' it back to the ranch house.

About half way down the road I ran into the boss’ cattle, I’m sure they were thinking, “what in the heck is this crazy lady doing?” The negative thoughts came back I thought to myself “what if these moms think I’m after their babies?!” “Where am I going to go if one starts chasing me? Climb a tree?” Those thoughts were all pretty dumb because I was fairly sure that something like that wouldn’t ever happen. So I just kept walking kept telling myself back to positive thoughts.  “Man I must be burning some good calories right now,” was one of them and the song from Finding Nemo came to mind… “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” is what I was singing at the top of my lungs. I’m sure the vultures were beginning to circle as if I were a dying animal!

To make a long st

The horses following me down the road. Must have been the singing...

ory short, I finally had made it around the last curve on my four mile walk and had made it home! I finished my walk up to the house, opened the door with snot running down my face, tears frozen to my skin, and hair in my eyes and I told Abe, “I’m pretty sure I just burned 10,000 calories,” and he just looked at me. In my mind I went on a tangent, “why are you just sitting there looking at me with that stupid look on your face you jerk?!?!” But, I didn’t say anything. Instead he said to me, “What the hell?” “What do you mean what the hell Abe?.” So I went on to explain what happened to me and he began to laugh. “Were you crying?” he asked. “Noooo, ok so maybe I was but that has nothing to do with it!” Then he proceeded to ask me, “Well how did you get here?!” Of course this was prime time for me to be a smart ass, so I walked in the house and demonstrated how I walked in the snow and yet he was still laughing! I told him to shush and pull his muck boots on. We packed up and headed out to get the car unstuck. The whole way he was snickering at all my little footsteps down the long stretch of road I trampled on. When we got to my car he hollered out, “Holy Crap, babe!” I just dropped my head and said sorry. He got my car pulled out; I got on the road and thanked the Lord for giving me a safe walk home. This last weekend though I was lucky and there was no snow, but Abe still won’t let it go… he tells me “Babe, please don’t get stuck in the dirt!”