Hauling water for the Shahan cows gave me a lot of joy and a lot of memories.  We had our cows on the Indian Reservation in Farmington known as NAPI.   On this project, the Indians have circles where they grow crops.  Some are potatoes. corn, pumpkins, onions, etc.  They had a well with a powerful pump on it to fill our tanks so those of us who had our cattle on those circles for the winter could haul water to them.  Many a time I got a good dousing.  It took quite awhile to fill the truck so most of the time I would read while it was filling. So if I didn’t get the pump turned off when the tank was full I got a cold shower.  There was always a big line of trucks with all kinds of tanks to fill so if you didn’t get there at daylight you spent hours waiting.  As soon as I discovered that, I got out of that bed and headed for the well. We fenced our circles with electric fence and put our drinkers out in the center so the cows didn’t have to walk so far to get water if there was a solid road in the circle  for us to drive on. Sometimes we had to put the drinkers next to the fence because there was no solid ground to drive on. The drinkers had to be lined up along the fence so you could reach them with the hose.  We started paying another fellow to haul water for us but that didn’t suit me.  It cost a lot and a good bit of the time your cows were standing in the afternoon at the drinkers waiting for the water truck.
When we bought the truck the fellow we bought it from took me for a drive and showed me the gears.  But it wasn’t long until I found out he didn’t tell me ALL about the truck, I mean a big truck.  One of the circles I had to haul was on the opposite side of big, long, deep draw, so it was down a steep hill to the bottom and up a steep hill to the top.  My tanker would run out the holes in the top when I went up the hill because we didn’t have caps for the holes we put the water in.  It had 3 baffles to keep the water from sloshin back and forth and jerking you so bad you couldn’t drive.  I had to fill each on of these baffles so had to take the hose out and quick fast stick it in another.  Another time to get wet!
So what I wanted to tell you about my water truck is this:  I had filled, was on my way to the cows on the other side of the draw.  Just before I got to the steep down hill I discovered…NO BRAKES.   Oh, Man, oh, Man.  I knew I was a goner but Praise our Lord I kept my head.  It was going over a million miles an hour.  I was looking looking for a place to take it off the road and bog it down in the sand.  And I found one and it worked and the truck stopped.  As I sat there in the cab trying to get myself back together the repair shop manager stopped on the road.  Oh how glad I was to see him.  He wanted to know, “what you doing down there”?  My answer was, ” The good Lord doesn’t want me yet so you have to put up with me longer.” So he popped the hood to see what he could see and there it was.  The brakes ran off of air and the belt was broken!!  He showed me in the cab the gauge that recorded the amount of air the brakes had.  Something the seller never told me. So there I was with an angel.  He took me to the shop and we found a belt that fit.  I didn’t have to go into Farmington to get one and then he put it on for me. 
Let me tell you people my eyes went from that gauge to the highway from that time on.. Also I was blessed again because the truck was able to pull the tanker out of the sand.  On the right hand side of the sand I dived into was a big huge cement  irrigation ditch.  It was empty but huge.  I mean huge.  But I was able to keep the truck in the sand,  and there was no power steering.  I just can’t say Thank You, God enough for that blessing.
Just one of the things that happened on the reservation.  I’ll tell you another thing in just a few days.