Some days the computer mocks me and I have nothing to say. This is particularly odd because I rarely run out of things to say.

I thought that I could write about Caden’s goats. One is named Horse. He likes songs from the Wizard of Oz. He likes some so much, in fact, that he sits on Caden’s lap while Caden serenades him. One is named Pig. Musicals do nothing for him so he just hides in the empty stock tank.

Donna Reed is royalty in Denison, Iowa.

I thought I could write about some of the people who run out of fuel at our house on a long stretch of highway. There’s more than you would think. Last night the gal who owns the cafe in Denison, Iowa, and her daughter coasted to a stop in our yard. I learned that Denison is the home of Donna Reed and I also learned just how dry and pathetic eastern Colorado looks in the eye of someone who hails from a humid area.

I could write about how much eastern Colorado needs rain and how much the mid South needs some dry weather. But you already knew that. My friend Janice Person has been writing from Memphis on her blog and I’ve been in awe.

I could also write about the end of the school year and the chaos that ensues as deadlines approach. I could tell you that next year I’ll be teaching in Karval, Colorado, one of the smallest communities in the state. The community has high expectations for me and that’s one of the cool things about small communities.

But for now, I need to prepare for high schoolers to flood into my classroom and the chaos that ensues. I’ll be humming Wizard of Oz songs while I work.