Ah, summer. School’s out and there’s time for me to tackle that to-do list. I hate that list, have I mentioned that? My theory, and I may regret this, is that if I put the list on the blog, perhaps I’ll be motivated to whip through it. And if not, maybe my fantabulous followers will cheer me on..or give me a swift kick.

The List, Summer 2011

1. The basement…pray for me. It needs to be organized because it’s causing me to lose my mind. That’s where my office is where I try to run the asphalt business and organize the obscene amount of paperwork that comes with the farm.

2. Blog every other day. I’m trying, I swear I am. There are days that at the end, I sit back with my laptop and think to myself, “I did nothing that anyone would want to hear about. Nothing…from the water leak in the sow barn to the broken tractor parts to my stupid sunburn…that I should punish these people with.” And then I sigh, get some ice cream, and watch Ice Road Truckers. Damn.

3. I should eat less ice cream.

4. My sister, Alex, keeps prodding me along to finish my book. She has liked all of the lines I’ve written, even the ones that make me want to stab myself in the eye with a frozen carrot. She is helping me edit and finish and has confiscated all of my frozen carrots. She’s a good friend, I’m telling you. I’m hoping she’ll write the intro when I finish the thing. I keep telling myself, Pioneer Woman wrote a book, for goodness sake.

5. I’m certain there’s a children’s book in my head. If you see it, please let me know. When I do extract it from my pea brain, I’ll need an illustrator. If you see one of those, let me know.

6. Did I mention the basement?

Now that I have that off my chest I’m off to find the frozen carrots and tackle the Hog Farmer’s laundry. Sigh. Where’s the ice cream?