While you may argue that you’re doing some old folks a favor by cleaning up the dumps and yards of abandoned homes, that is not the case. The 8 tons of scrap metal, two running vehicles, trailer, farrowing crates, stock waterers, water spigots torn right out of the barn wall, water hydrants ripped from the ground, and 127 t posts you stole from us was not abandoned or just trash.
Perhaps next time you do someone the favor of cleaning up their place, you should refrain from dumping trash from another vehicle into our creek. I’m sure someone is missing the McDonald’s wrappers, Pyramid cigarette boxes, and vintage Playboy magazines that are now blowing around our farm.
As we sat in your arraignment, I couldn’t try to feign sympathy when you claimed that you scrap for a living and don’t know how you’ll support your family. I would argue that you steal for a living from my family. As for supporting your family, perhaps that lengthy rap sheet is keeping you from landing executive gigs but I’m sure there are some legitimate jobs that don’t require you to drive through our fences to load your trailer under cover of darkness.
The good news, in addition to the high bonds you’re being held in the Elbert County Bed and Breakfast under, and the protective order keeping you far away from our farm and the others you visited as well as keeping you far away from us and the places we do business, is that we all now know your names. Additionally, we know your vehicles now that we had to go identify stolen property loaded on them, though you’ll likely lose them since they were part of a criminal act. The other good to come from this is that you have reunited us with our neighbors and we’ve all become more vigilant in watching out for one another and in communicating to one another. It was, after all, one of our friends and neighbors who noticed the plow you dropped on the county road in your haste to take the load of our property to the scrap yard. I think that neighbor enjoyed the peach cobbler I took him. I do make a great peach cobbler.
We’ll be at your next court appearance Wednesday. We should be easy to spot. We are the angry-looking ones in the front who will look you square in the eye when you glance our way. Here’s to never seeing you near our farm again.