Sigh. Some days I just don’t have it in me. Yet, here I type.

A friend I have known since our days at Whee Pre School, which was a long time ago, posted an event of Facebook rallying against Monsanto. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen something of this sort but as I read it, I had two thought in my mind. I first read that the March Against Monsanto is for you if “your concerned about mis-formed kidneys and livers of unborn children stay away from GMO’s. Second generation mice were born with kidney issues. Children who’s Mother ate GMO’s will have the same issue leaving them dependant on the medical system and big pharma for the rest of thier shortened life…..GMO’s also lead to food shortages due to being seedless. Eating seedless food leads to infertility…”. This made me first think, “What?!” and then I thought, “Ugh, I just don’t have the energy to get into this fight. Having known this friend since the old days, I’m quite certain that I’m her only farmer Facebook friend. Not a battle I wanted to fight.

Then I thought, I better get on the ball.

This is what she should know:

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms, are a debate that is a deep and murky argument. For me, the bottom line is that all organisms, myself included, are genetically modified in some way. There are no evil scientists working for Monsanto or any other ag company, who are stirring a cauldron filled with puppies and apricots trying to come up with a seed for drought resistant wheat. I realize it’s not that simple but at the end of the day, farmers are tasked with feeding millions of people and efficiency is key. And your puppy is safe- we don’t really do that.

You are welcome to vote with your dollar, march against whomever you please, and eat only what you believe will allow you to sleep at night. But here’s what you need to know. My husband and I farm small crops and raise livestock. We select varieties of seed that will grow in our drought-stricken area so we can raise a crop to the best of our ability, feed our livestock, and fill my freezer and yours. We don’t douse fields with anything as we are responsibile stewards of the land that has been in the family for 100 years. It’s what we have. We live on it. It’s how we pay the bills. We want our grandkids to farm it and enjoy it. We’re not evil.

We feed our livestock everyday, twice a day. They depend on us and we respect this fact. We don’t take sick days, snow days, or holidays. Our kids work at our sides and we do what it takes to make sure our livestock is healthy, safe, and thriving. We’re not evil.

You’re welcome to come to the place and visit us so you have a farmer you can drop a line to when scare tactic ridden articles catch your attention. We’ll talk with you, we’ll show you around, and I’ll feed you lunch. That lunch will be from the same crops and livestock we market to your family. I wouldn’t poison your family or mine. We’re not evil.

I’m not sure where farmers and ranchers are going wrong ending up so frequently on the short end of the stick when it comes to the passions and beliefs of some consumers but here’s the deal. My family works hard to feed your family. You have clothes, homes, food, and fuel because of farm and ranch families. Before you get caught up in a cause, keep us in mind. I wouldn’t want your belly to be growling on that march of yours.