There is a state correctional facility in the rural county where we live. The bottom line about what this means for residents is frequent jury summonses.
I bet I’ve been called for jury duty twice per year since I moved here but I’ve never had to actually report but I did last week.
I am a nerd about a number of things and the law is one of those things. If online law school were a viable option, I would sign up despite my students’ claims that it will suck my soul from my body. The legal system is interesting and I was happy to perhaps be chosen to serve during a trial.
I was methodical while filling out my paperwork. I remained more neutral than Switzerland in hopes of being chosen. As the selection process wore on, I was more like the slow kid while the softball captains are choosing their teams.
I was surprised to see how many good folks were opposed to serving. Otherwise reputable people were going to great lengths to prove themselves unsuitable jurors. It reflected poorly on these people whether or not they realized it. Every lame excuse and every “damn” muttered when they were called to the jury box was noted. The most disappointing, albeit entertaining, way to avoid service was to begin all sentences with, “according to the prophesy…”
At the end of the day I was not chosen. It was probably not a terribly exciting trial; one of the many contraband trials for the Department of Corrections. But, the defendant is still a citizen deserving of a fair trial by a jury of his peers. Thank goodness we were all on the jury service side of the jury box rather than in his chair.