This legislative session has left farmers, ranchers, and rural Coloradans battered and bruised. The drought has crippled many, forcing the hand of cow calf producers to sell and, in many cases, leave the state or even the business.

Crops are failing and the heat of summer is not yet upon us. To add insult to injury, and despite the efforts of several common sense representatives, legislation has left us the walking wounded.

The passage of SB 252 stands to cost some producers over $100,000. This is not merely an inconvenience. This is a move that will put families out of business and take locally grown foods off many family’s dinner tables.

The sequester of funds owed to farmers and ranchers placed a huge strain on families. This means more than cutting back on daughter’s dance lessons and son’s new shoes to farm and ranch families.

Bills legislating ag practices are opening the door for families to take their operations to other states that recognize their importance and welcome them with open arms and financial opportunity.

Oil and gas restrictions will lead companies to pack up their rigs and leave eastern Colorado, taking with them the revenue that has become vital to the small communities, families, and schools.

On the western slope, the now quieted debate about the possible addition of the sage grouse to the endangered species list would have crippled 2.4 million acres and with it, ranchers’ ability to produce their product, resulting in less food and higher prices passed to your family.

Please pray for the farm and ranch families who are your neighbors. Think of them because they are the people who make your food, fuel, and fiber possible and affordable. Then, please do not vote for the people who vote to cripple Colorado agriculture while their bellies are full compliments of agriculture.