We’re in the business of food. I have spoken with both consumers and other producers about every issue relating to food from GMOs to natural pork to vegetarianism. We are directly involved in production agriculture. I feed my family the same pork and beef that we sell, potentially finding its way to your table. This has shown me beyond any shadow of a doubt that food is the most personal choice in the world. gretchie pig

That choice is one that trips me. Everyday. That’s why I signed up for an online Bible study of Lysa TerKeurst’s Made to Crave.

I’m married to a wheat farmer and I have Celiac disease, making wheat and gluten-containing grains off limits. And no, the irony does not escape me. When I read TerKeurst’s reminder that all is permissible but not beneficial, I stopped in my tracks. I’ve spent many moons avoiding a laundry list of delicious things because they were not permissible for me. Then I recognized that justifying a bowl of ice cream because I give up so many other foods is just that: permissible but not beneficial. caden football 13

It’s going to disappoint the Schwann’s man but I’m making a conscious decision to question something’s benefit to me. I can not admit that I crave ice cream more than I crave God and look in the mirror and smile. If that means that I will choose to pray rather than indulge then the benefit will be two fold.