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District X FFA: All the Cool Kids

I had the honor of addressing the District X FFA Banquet last night and this is part of what I told them:

In addition to my work with CFB, I also write on a blog and teach other farmers and ranchers to do the same through the FarmWife Project. This usually results in great tales of the happenings throughout the year on Colorado and New Mexico’s farms and ranches and there is rarely a lack of great photos. Last week, I stopped and took a few iPhone photos of dirt drifts I passed south of Karval. I don’t have to tell you how dry it is but I went ahead and wrote a blog post about the drought and posted the photos.

The blog post and the photos hit home and hundreds of people read the post. They shared it on Facebook and emailed it to different news outlets. Tim Andersen sent it to 9 News and they rolled into Karval Sunday Read more…


The Argument for Ag Ed: Of Mohawks and Welding Helmets

More and more kids with mohawks have been signing up for my ag classes lately. Most of them want to learn to weld and I’m all for it.

When we returned to school after the break, we returned to the welding shop and my newest student, the one with the mohawk, began to learn to weld. He joined another student who was not your traditional ag student who was happily melded into the group. One afternoon, I overheard the two in the shop. Read more…