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Me and Bax

Baxter Black This photo was taken at the Colorado Farm Bureau Annual meeting when I met Baxter Black, cowboy poet and all around good egg. Black has long been willing to support several worthy causes I’ve been involved in but this was the first chance I had to meet him face to face.
It was a pretty good day.


Dry Pastures and TV Cameras

Kevin Torres from 9 News came to Kutch, Colorado, to visit with me yesterday about the drought and the importance of keeping young producers on the land. While I appreciate Torres’ piece and believe it hit the nail on the head with its intended point for Denver viewers- it’s dry and it matters to you because your food prices will go up and we all need to heed the health of Colorado’s $20 billion ag industry- there are perhaps a few points of clarification yet to be made.

My phone rang yesterday and Torres asked whether we had received any snow from the last storm and if it was enough to end the drought. I would be one of many farmers and ranchers who would be tickled pink with a week of rain but the bottom line is that, while it may bring us closer to our average precipitation levels, the grass isn’t going to be lush a few days after a good rain. Many pastures are grazed and blown into the dirt and the grasses will take years to recover and be the beneficial short grass prairie we typically see in this area. It will take continued responsible grazing and stocking rates and good management decisions from the producers already kept up at night by the gravity of the decisions before them. 9news<

The Drop Dead Date that Torres referred to

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Minivan Cowgirl

I was fueling my non-mini van SUV before I left the Springs the other day. I was wearing jeans and boots- not pig poo encrusted boots, though I have those, too- but my favorite square toed boots. A Chevy diesel pickup complete with a thumping bass and doo dads dangling from the rear view mirror rolled in. It was a shortbed flatbed with chrome stacks, one leaning heavily to the inside of the bed. He revved his engine, which I assume with the price of highway diesel, likely cost him $2.50, and pulled into the pump beside me as I washed the gravel road off my back glass.
This is how the conversation went:
Him: “Look at the soccer mom trying to play cowgirl driving a minivan. Heh heh heh.”
Me: Glares. Gets into vehicle. “It’s not a minivan.”

In my head, this is how the conversation went:
Him: “Look at the soccer mom trying to play cowgirl driving a minivan. Heh heh heh.”
Me: Hands him my business card from Colorado Farm Bureau State Board of Directors. “I don’t think we’ve met,” I say. “I’m Rachel and I chair the YF&R Committee as part of Colorado Farm Bureau. We’re the largest ag lobbying organization in the state and the nation. Our policy is truly grassroots. I’ve personally written policy at a kitchen table on a farm and seen it approved as part of national policy. I’m fighting for the rights of rural, Conservative Colorado in my legislative work, my writing and speaking, and on our farm everyday. When you want your voice to join in for the greater good, give me a call and I’ll send you a membership application.”

Hrmph. A minivan. As if.

District X FFA: All the Cool Kids

I had the honor of addressing the District X FFA Banquet last night and this is part of what I told them:

In addition to my work with CFB, I also write on a blog and teach other farmers and ranchers to do the same through the FarmWife Project. This usually results in great tales of the happenings throughout the year on Colorado and New Mexico’s farms and ranches and there is rarely a lack of great photos. Last week, I stopped and took a few iPhone photos of dirt drifts I passed south of Karval. I don’t have to tell you how dry it is but I went ahead and wrote a blog post about the drought and posted the photos.

The blog post and the photos hit home and hundreds of people read the post. They shared it on Facebook and emailed it to different news outlets. Tim Andersen sent it to 9 News and they rolled into Karval Sunday Read more…

Make Plans to Attend the CFB Womens Leadership Conference

We have an awesome program planned for the CFB Women’s Leadership Conference March 31 – April 2 in Glenwood Springs. Practical workshops in social media, managing and sharing photos online, how to tell Ag’s story, USDA programs, Ag in the classroom programs and more! We’ll also have “Fun-Shops” on scrapbooking, controlling clutter, women’s fitness, container gardening and more! Great Keynote speakers, such as American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee Vice Chair, Sherry Saylor from Arizona! Only $40 to register. Contact or any of the administrators listed below.

You are invited to the Women’s Conference in Glenwood Springs, CO. There will be speakers on becoming better ‘Ag-vocates’ for agriculture, workshops to help you run your business and personal life and “funshops”,- learning and sharing with other women in agriculture.

Plan a family vacation to Glenwood and the Hot Springs! Join us for fun, fellowship and educational workshops! Enjoy a tour of a local farm operation and enjoy dinner sponsored by Garfield County Farm Bureau.

An optional tour on Saturday, April 2nd includes a ride on the gondola, followed by lunch and a tour of Glenwood caverns.

Registration is $40 and includes most meals; Optional tour is $25; Hotel $98/night double room (CFB will reimburse one night) Reservations are due March 1st and Conference registration is due by March 20th.

Questions or need a registration form? contact Patty Kenny,, 303-749-7506; Maurine Rettig,, 970-434-4128; Susan Leach,, 719-6-768-3266 or Beth Jones,, 719-588-4499