From time to time, the RAS  moments, or when I sound like my dad, sneak up on me.

My mom, on the other hand, is stylish, is the queen of decor, and is skilled with her hands. She sews, smocks, knits…the list goes on. I often curse genetics that I missed out on RAS’ metabolism and my mom’s ability to create and organize.

My inability to be stylish aside, I did have a MOM moment the other day. I made it to town without pliers, muck boots or a visor. I had on my glasses, jeans, ballet flats and a leopard scarf. I reached to open the glass door and….Mom?! Is that you behind me…?

I spun around, a little like a crazy person, and looked for my mom. The only person there, was me, the crazy person.

I’m hoping that our similarities eclipse just the reflection in the door glass and my spelling abilities.  My mom is talented, beautiful and a pretty funny broad. She is a woman of faith and a fine Baylor grad. I’ll take a MOM moment any time.