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From the FarmWife Project: Stuck in a Rut, Jessica Waite

I’m sure ya’ll have seen a two-year old throw a fit, now picture a 20 year old woman doing that. Make you giggle? Well this story I hope will make you smile because it has made everyone else I have told laugh bug, I didn’t think it was too funny at the time. The end of the weekend had rolled around and that only meant one thing, I had to head back to Colby for school.

All morning we drove around looking and feeding cattle like Abe and I usually do on any given morning. Noon had rolled around I was dreading leaving but I knew I had to go. Here is a little secret about me; I am a cry baby, like big time! Anyways, as I was packing my bags the dam broke loose and the river began to flow. I walked out in the living room, kissed and hugged Abraham and thought to myself “this will be the last time I see my baby for almost a month!” Drama queen, I know!! Little did I know I would be seeing him pretty quick. Read more…


From the FarmWife Project: Ranch House Romance, Jessica Waite

Just a few weeks ago, Abe was complaining about his bedroom being “colder than a well diggers a**,” and that he couldn’t sleep. So me being the great fiancé I try to be, I took the time to hang curtains up in our bedroom. I used very heavy curtains and doubled them up, the next morning it was SO warm and he was very tickled with it. But, of course there was something else… we had overslept an hour and a half because of the darkness from the new curtains! Read more…